“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill

There is a spirit in every person, a soul’s purpose. A fire, a passion, a desire to follow what is in the heart, this is much easier said than done. Most will give up and do what’s considered “normal” or expected, average even. Some will put other’s judgments or thoughts above their own. Fear of failure? That’s been enough to stop the strongest in their tracks. What is a dream not followed? What does it turn into to? Can it eventually be forgotten?

I remember when I was embarking upon my college career, it seemed as if the doldrums of adult life had already settled in for me. As a child, I was an artist and dreamer, however, at the tender age of 17 my spark for creativity was an abandoned fire left to burn out on its own. I chose an area of study that certainly interested me, but the career I focused on was a safe choice. I could have used my talents and my degree to do something artistically inclined, but I didn’t. I placed value not on my visions, but on financial stability, future growth options, and something so attainable anyone could do it. Now much later in life, I understand an aspiration not followed dies or is forgotten; it waits patiently for you to catch up to it.

But I digress, this tale isn’t really about me, it’s about a bold dreamer and doer I know. This guy I have known my entire life. In fact, I remember the day he was born, my beloved little brother. A carefree kid, a fierce athlete, with a bit of an attitude, but a heart of gold. We grew up in a small town, and people there had even smaller minds. Culture and diversity was not available, so fantasy was essential. I watched him grow up; he never went a day without thinking about his dream. His constant talk about his love for music, his talented artist friends, and his undying desire to be a part of it all, drove us all a little crazy. What started as rapping in the football locker room sparked an interest in him that he never forgot.

Very few people have the courage to take the road less traveled, or dare to venture out of the comfort zones of the norms around them. Even fewer of them have the vision to continue to follow their arrows in times of uncertainty. I have watched my brother reach and keep reaching for his version of the future. He fought resistance from my parents, snide comments of the naysayers and even criticism from me! I am humbled by his commitment to never sell out, and stay true to himself. Reminding me that even in the face of adversity put you first. No one in the entire world knows what is best for you, better than you. There is a truth that you cannot please everyone, I say really you can’t please anyone without pleasing yourself first. Fail or succeed, you will never know unless you try. Cheers to dreaming and doing! Bravo to Legacy Music Group! May you never stop believing that dreams can come true!

Mary Kathryn Medlock @mkmedlock



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