Have you ever wondered if your relaxation methods are affecting your singing voice? Well I’ve done a little digging and the answer is YES! Dr. Reena Gupta, an ear, nose, and throat doctor and researcher gave a very straight-laced response saying the best way to avoid vocal damage is to avoid marijuana altogether – BUT WHO ARE WE KIDDING? So here are a couple tips for the lover of music and botany:

1. Research shows that unfiltered marijuana can cause polyps and (more often than not) benign

growths in your throat. Though you will live through it, with the help of some warm tea and

lemon, it will strain your singing voice. That being said; don’t roll up. Try to keep the doobies to a

minimum, especially those rolled with cigarillos. The tobacco content will do nothing but damage

resulting in a rattle in your voice.

2. Try sticking to water pipes (bongs) and bubblers the water will filter the smoke. The more

complex the piece the more filtration you’ll get out of it. Vaping is also a viable option instead of

smoking because the temperature your body is coming in contact with is substantially lower.

3. Don’t partake immediately before or after performing. That is when your throat is most vulnerable.

4. If all else fails, take a break. Take a couple weeks off to rest your throat. But in the meantime you

can stick to Cannabis Cookies and Buddha Brownies.

Jere Jones,  Management Intern


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