Matthew Medlock

Studio Owner and Manager

A 10-year music industry veteran, Matthew Medlock attributes his diehard obsession with music to his upbringing near the cultural melting pot of Memphis, Tennessee. His passion for hip hop was influenced by the blues and country—leading him to earn a degree in Business Administration-Music Business. He not only studied copyright issues, publishing, and music business principles but also he was an active member of GRAMMYU, a rapidly growing community of college students actively pursuing a career in the recording industry.

Despite his robust higher education, Medlock admits that he learned most of his music management expertise from his father—a successful business owner who instilled the expectation of sterling standards, diligent work ethics, and a deep passion for music. These business lessons endure with Legacy Music Group and have allowed Medlock to attain a first-rate reputation in the music management field. Medlock’s unparalleled professionalism, widespread industry connections, and whip-smart instincts for musical success allow him to usher both new and seasoned artists into sustainable music careers.