Music Speaks, Lady Gaga Super Bowl

Music + Politics In the days leading up to Super Bowl LI, many took to Facebook to write about how they hoped Lady Gaga would not use her halftime performance to make a political statement. Many believe that music and politics should be separated from one another, that music should only be used to entertain […]

Mary Jane for Vocalists

ATTENTION SMOKERS!!!! Have you ever wondered if your relaxation methods are affecting your singing voice? Well I’ve done a little digging and the answer is YES! Dr. Reena Gupta, an ear, nose, and throat doctor and researcher gave a very straight-laced response saying the best way to avoid vocal damage is to avoid marijuana altogether […]

The Myth of Perfection

  I am a perfectionist. That’s not something I’m proud to admit; it’s led to a lot of schoolwork never being turned in and a LOT of music never being made. I always feel like I can never make anything exactly the way I want it to be; whether it’s a part of an essay […]

Image Gallery

Opening Night A grand celebration for the grand opening. Photo gallery from the evening’s festivities.

First Post

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill There is a spirit in every person, a soul’s purpose. A fire, a passion, a desire to follow what is in the heart, this is much easier said than done. Most will give up and do what’s considered […]