Are you ready to record?

It might seem like a question with a simple answer, but many people don’t stop to consider it. You’re an artist that’s written a song or two, but the question is, when is it time to go into a studio to record it? Keep reading to find out.

Step 1: Have a Song

Your first step is to have a song! It doesn’t even have to be completely finished lyrically. Some people finish writing in the studio. What’s most important is having a track or beat prepared to send to your engineer. A lot of artists find beats on YouTube, so that’s definitely an option.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Studios

If you’ve never been in a studio before, make sure to get an idea of what goes on in the studio. Do you know the difference between recording, mixing and mastering? These are good things to know going into your first session.

Step 3 – Keep in Mind That There’s Going to be a Learning Curve 

Remember, this is a new experience! Keep an open mind and be aware that there will be a lot that you learn during the session. The more you come in, the more comfortable you’ll be! Communicate with your engineer to make sure you’re on the same page and get the best end result.

Step 4 – Get in the Studio!

After you’ve taken all that into account, it’s time for you to get in the studio! Book a session with us online at legacymusicgroup.com. to get started on getting your music professionally recorded. Don’t worry, you’re working with the best

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