Take care of your voice

Take Care of Your Voice!

Your voice is your instrument, so it’s important to take care of it – even, you, rappers! You might not think so, but it’s really easy to damage your voice, so taking the extra steps to avoid doing that can go a long way.


Staying hydrated means that your vocal chords will also be hydrated. Drinking lots of water or even warm tea with honey will help your voice stay warmed up so you’ll be ready to record.

Don’t Strain Your Voice

Screaming, yelling or talking really loud all the time can damage your voice and affect the way you sound. Try to avoid doing these things if you want to maintain the current quality of your voice. Smoking a lot can also put a lot of strain on your voice, so singers especially should stay away from the cigarettes.

Breathe Properly

How you breathe might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re in the studio recording, but it should be! Your breathing directly affects the way your vocals sound and the condition of your vocal chords, so make sure you’re breathing through your diaphragm while recording.


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